Farah Akbar

Marketing, communication & research

Farah Akbar brings more than 15 years of marketing & communication, research and experiential marketing, management & leadership, product management, human resource management, and professional development experience spanning both the public and private sectors and including time spent at leading multinational organizations. Her diverse career has led to her recognition as a multi-disciplinary L&D professional and instructor/trainer with extensive work experience in Management & Marketing, Communication, Leadership, Business Research, Human Resources Development, and Career Development.

Farah Akbar’s L&D contributions include stint as a Lead Facilitator, Trainer, Need Assessor, and Consultant to best meet the L&D needs of diverse industries like automobile, education, telecommunication, services industry, and many others, as a real L&D professional and practitioner and expert educator, advisor and facilitator plus trainer, applying all the advance concepts to her products and organizations to take them to heights. This approach has given her great edge in the field. During her span at leading multinationals, she played a pivotal role in developing brands in the Asian and African Countries stretched from Pakistan to Thailand to China to Africa to UAE to Japan.

Farah Akbar benefits from an international level education from one of the leading Business School of the region, Institute of Business Administration, Pakistan, programs of which are supported by Wharton School of Finance, University of Pennsylvania and University of Southern California, giving her a unique global perspective to business, and she was awarded a Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Management. She has relentlessly pursued her own personal and professional growth, and attended GPHR workshops by a local renowned institution in the UAE in 2013. She has attended a large number of other professional development programs and seminars in the areas of performance management, knowledge management, time management, quality management, negotiation, leadership and sales, among many others.